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When someone is bailed out, they’re temporarily released from jail in exchange for a security amount. The security amount is used to make sure the defendant attends the court at the right time. The court will request them to do so until a decision is made by the judge.

The process of bail is a contractual undertaking that is guaranteed by the bonding company. The bonding company writes a check to the jail for the entire total of the bail. The bonding company will charge a standard 10% premium, as established by Alabama.
The premium is normally paid in advance and it's the first part of bail. It’s non-refundable and is renewable on an annual basis. The collateral is the second part of the bail which can be anything from money, real estate, automobiles, or a signature.
Collateral should be returned when the judge makes a decision about the case and exonerates the bond. Every client who hopes the coming back of their collateral should take the first step in retaining exoneration paperwork from the clerk’s office within the courthouse to expedite the bail process.

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